King Medjoul Natural Dates – 500g


Medjoul dates are traditionally larger in size, also they are slightly sweeter than normal dates

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Grown in Morocco, Medjoul dates are traditionally larger in size, also they are slightly sweeter than normal dates

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Nutrition Facts:   Medjoul dates are a fairly dense source of calories, as one 24 g date approx– a little less than 1 oz. — contains 66 calories.Medjouls are fat-free, and they do not contain cholesterol. Although Medjool dates do not contain fat, you’ll need to keep in mind that they contain enough calories to derail most any diet.Dates are rich in carbohydrates. One date contains 18 g of carbohydrate. Medjoul dates contain 8 g of glucose, 7.7 g of fructose and a negligible amount of sucrose.  If you are watching your carbohydrate intake, you will want to consume Medjoul dates judiciously.Fiber and Protein: Medjoul dates each have approximately 1.6 g of fibre. A serving of two or more dates is considered to be a good source of fibre by government food labeling standards. Dates contain 0.4 g of protein, an insignificant amount for your diet. Vitamins and Minerals: Dates have small amounts of several vitamins and minerals. A serving of four dates will provide 60 mg of calcium, 88 mg of iron, 668 mg of potassium and 53 mg of magnesium, among other minerals. The same serving size contains 144 IU of vitamin A, 84 mcg of beta-carotene and 1.5 mg of niacin. Keep in mind that four dates will also provide a whopping 64 g of sugars, so the nutritional trade-off may not be worth it.




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